Q1. Why select health supplements from Switzerland?   

A1. Switzerland is well known for being a country that not only preserves its nature reserves, the purity of its air and water, but is also renowned for the quality of its knowledge and scientific research.

Q2. What is micronutrition? 

A2. Micronutrition is the science of using micronutrients for health. Due to their short chain molecules, micronutrients are very easy to absorb and are essential in the process of transforming and using macronutrient molecules such as proteins, lipids and carbohydrates.

Q3. Why should we have an intake of micronutrients  from supplements instead of only getting nutrients from natural food? 

A3. Since micronutrients are coming from nature, food brings us a certain amount of micronutrients. However some nutrients are difficult to find naturally in food. With the purest and best quality of micronutrients and at the correct quantity, providing an additional intake on a daily basis can ensure an optimized coverage of micronutrients for our daily needs.

Q4. Any side effects? 

A4. There are no known side effects with Vita brand products.

Q5. Any person does not recommend taking health supplement? 

A5. Respect the recommended dosage and in case of specific allergy issues, please refer to the package leaflet.

Q6. Can I take supplement while taking medicine treatment? 

A6. Some key ingredients may interfere with a specific type of medicine. Please do refer to your package leaflet.

Q7. Can I take supplement while pregnant?

A7. Except the OmeXanthin, which is been sold in Swiss pharmacies as a supplement to pregnant women, it is better to avoid taking any supplements without consulting a doctor while pregnant.


Q8. What happen if I forget to take the supplement for 2 to 3 days? What should I do? 

A8. If you are following a treatment of Vita products and you forgot to take the supplements 2 or 3 days, just keep taking your daily supplements until you finish the quantity of treatment you was supposed to use.

Q9. Who developed Vita’s dietary supplements? 

A9. Vita dietary supplements are developed by the Swiss company Vita Healthcare, based in Bösingen in Switzerland.

Q10. Which countries are selling Vita products? What kind of shops sell overseas? 

A10. Vita Products are already sold in Switzerland, Germany, Thailand and exclusively distributed in Asia Pacific by NaturoTrade

Q11. Are Vita products safe? 

A11. Formulas of Vita Products are developed based on the latest scientific studies, with selected natural ingredients for their best synergy once used together.

There is no chemical in those supplements. They are also gluten and lactose free. Vita products can be considered as very safe products.