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April 7, 2018
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Vita Chondrocurma Plus

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Vita Chondrocurma Plus

Vita Chondrocurma Plus is the 4th generation of dietary supplement specialised in treating joint pain, articulation injuries and providing strong anti-inflammation effects.

This product is particularly suitable for anyone who have strong joint pain and inflammation.

  • Helps to relieve joint discomfort and pain
  • Helps to regenerate ligaments and tendons
  • Helps to regenerate articulation cartilage

The high dosage of collagen hydrolysate combined with the action of the vitamin C optimize the regeneration of connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments. Because of the sulfur that helps the cartilage to absorb a much higher quantity of water, the specific micronutrients of glucosamine sulfate and the chondroitin sulfate can easily maintain and deeply repair the whole mass of cartilage.

The below diagram shows a damaged and degenerated joint.

Osteoarthritis: facts

At 20 years old: 9% of the population (asymptomatic)

At 34 years old: 17% of the population

At 60 years old: + 60%, often asymptomatic…

Women are more affected than men.



Traditionally used in Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat arthritis, turmeric/curcumin blocks inflammatory cytokines and enzymes. Several recent studies show that turmeric/curcumin has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and modifies immune system responses.



Vita Chondrocurma Plus’s unique formula has associated curcuma with dextrin, which is 40 times stronger than the combination with black pepper. Once absorbed by the body, the powerful effects of the curcuma are released at an optimal level.

Made in Switzerland

Additional information
Weight 1 kg


Active Ingredients


Chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine sulfate, Hydrolysate of Collagen, Curcuma extract, Astaxanthin, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Acid folic, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, Silicium, Zinc, Manganese, Selenium, Copper.


Vita Chondrocurma® Plus Drink

Nutritional information Per 15 g RDA
Collagen hydrolyzate 10 g
Glucosamine sulfate 1230 mg
Chondroitin sulfate 500 mg
Curcuma root extract 200 mg
Astaxanthin 4 mg
Vitamin B2 1.4 mg 100%
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg 100%
Folic acid 200 μg 100%
Vitamin B12 2.5 µg 100%
Vitamin C 180 mg 225%
Vitamin D 15 μg 300%
Vitamin E 30 μg 250%
Vitamin K2 75 μg 100%
Silicon 100 mg
Zinc 5 mg 50%
Manganese 2 mg 100%
Copper 0.5 mg 50%
Selenium 20 μg 36%




  1. Recommended to athletes and senior people, to persons who feel pain.
  2. Recommended to people after a joint surgery to help the recovery faster and in better condition.
  3. Not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women, children or people who take blood thinners.
  4. Vita Chondrocurma can be combined with any other Vita supplements in order to strengthen their effects.

The standard recommended treatment is composed of two ChondrocurmaPlus.


Chondrocurma Plus : powder beverage, 20 sachet / box. 1 sachet (15 g) daily stirred in 8oz (200 ml) of cold or room temperature water in the morning before meal. Treatment duration is at least 40 days.

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