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Vita Amaraxanthin DTX (90 caps)

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The food supplement in capsule form, which is manufactured in Switzerland, contains bitter substances that support liver function and metabolism. The capsules help to maintain normal lipid and acid-base metabolism and normal liver function. They also contribute to a normally functioning immune system. Tiredness and fatigue are reduced, while the nervous system is supported and helped to achieve normal mental performance.

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The food supplement that makes your liver healthy and strong.

The liver is one of the most important organs for detoxifying our body. That means that it contributes to removing all the toxins from the environment, our lifestyle and our diet. Our body is indeed fully dependent on the liver for getting rid of any impurities. If the liver is saturated and does not work well, the body suffers from accumulated toxins. We could be more prone to chronic diseases, headaches, skin problems and digestive issues.


Vita Amaraxanthin is specially formulated to assist the liver’s good functioning. It consists mostly with plants with bitter active substances such as ginger, gentian, artichoke, turmeric, lion’s tooth.

Indeed, bitter substances ‘amara’ are transformers and catalysts for the main organs to:

  • promote fat digestion
  • massively reduce the craving for sweets
  • fortifying and tonic
  • acts positively on the management of emotions, depressions
  • adaptogen & anti-aging


Vita Amaraxanthin DTX contributes to:

  • a good acid base metabolism.
  • a normal liver function
  • a good immune and nervous system
  • an optimized mental performance

Dosage: 2-3 capsules per day. Recommended to take a minimum cure of 2 months for optimal efficiency.

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